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Friday, December 08, 2006

Presidential Aspirant Voting Records

With the field of Potential Presidential candidates for 2008 now being formulated here's a composite of the voting records from two diverse "interest group" categories, as reported by Project Vote Smart

(A VERY rough estimate = Average of first 10 ratings in either category.)

  • Sen John McCain votes 70% "conservative" 26% "liberal"
  • Sen Sam Brownback votes 80% "conservative" 6% "liberal"
  • Gov Mitt Romney not rated
  • Rep Duncan Hunter votes 49% "conservative" 5% "liberal"


  • Sen Barack Obama votes 23% "conservative" 97% "liberal" (If he gets the nod from the Demos would that be an Obamanomination)
  • Sen Hillary Clinton votes 19% "conservative" 96% "liberal"
  • Sen Evan Bayh votes 30% "conservative" 91% "liberal"
For comparison:

Rep Ron Paul votes 88% "conservative" 32% "liberal" (That last number is a little surprising)

Sen John Kyl (AZ) votes 88% "conservative" 4% "liberal"
Rep Nancy Pelosi votes 22% "conservative" 98% "liberal"

Sen Orrin Hatch votes 66% "conservative" 7% "liberal"
Rep Jim Matheson votes 45% "conservative" 70% "liberal"
Sen Ted Kennedy votes 13% "conservative" 98% "liberal"
Rep Tom Tancredo votes 85% "conservative" 7% "liberal"
Sen Joe Biden votes 16% "conservative" 90% "liberal"
Sen Joe Lieberman votes 22% "conservative" 86% "liberal"